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My Fur Child

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In the beginning


Our proudest achievement was with Buster.

It was because of Buster that Walkies of Coventry was started.

Buster a Boxer dog was
adopted by Jules when he was about 18mts old from the Dogs trust in 2000.
Buster was an abused, frightened dog who was destructive, aggressive with dogs & children.

Before Buster was took home a disclaimer was signed that Buster would never be let off a lead, muzzled, never allowed near children & get behaviour training.  

With lots of love, patience & training by Jules, Buster no longer flinched or yelped as if he was going to be hit when you stroked his head, (that took 2 years), he no longer
hid mobile phones in flower beds because the phone kept ringing while you're out or dragged the washing off the washing line all around the garden, dug holes
under fences to play (?) with next doors rabbit, attacked the postman & post, got into the kitchen & pulled all the rubbish out from the
bin all across the living room, strip doors & windows of paint,
pulls up carpets or did his 'business' in the house! 


Buster turned into a lovable, happy, well behaved, child friendly dog who was never muzzled, always walked off the lead, loved to play football, walked with other dogs, ate out of children's hands & thank
goodness was no longer destructive so we still had a mobile phone!!


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His Health


Buster was in poor health though.

 In 2003 he caught pnemonia.Then  In June 2005 he was diagnosed with spondylosis & was given 6mths to 2yrs to live. 


With metacam, vetzyme high strength flexible joint with Glucosamine tablets for dogs & Oscars Dog Food which doesn't contain any
meat or vegetable derivatives, he was a happy active dog again.


 You would never of believed there
was anything wrong with him, but  the x-rays told another story.


Then he had an ulcer in his eye in March 2007 where it started to melt away but with the brilliant help & surgery of an eye specialist in Solihull she managed to save his eye.


So Buster seemed healthy & happy again.


That was though until June 2008 when Buster collapsed & couldn't stand up, his head was hanging to one side & his eyes were rolling.


 Buster was taken for an emergency MRI scan at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. (They didn't have one local then).AHT kept him there for 4 days.

They found a mass in in his brain & an ecoli infection in his ear which sent him deaf.

They also did a spinal tap to see if they could find out what the mass was in his brain but it didn't tell them anything.


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Jules's Fur Child


Up until the beginning of Jan 2009 Buster was still here.


He couldn't walk very good as his back legs were not very steady & he dragged them a little so we purchased a dog trolley from Germany that we sometimes used to take him out in, so he could still go out with the other dogs.


Then due to the strong steriods he had been on since June 2008, they caused him to lose his fur & his stomach muscles wasted away a little so his tummy was hanging down & he was a little incontinent.


Every morning when Jules went to
go to work Buster was at the door waiting to go with her, he still loved his food & of course all the treats he could eat including humbugs he got off his Grandma & not forgetting he loved getting lots & lots of LOVE!!


But Buster was a little fighter right to the end. The vets were all shocked that he'd lasted as long as he had but on the 7th Jan 2009 he had a fit that he never came out of & was put to sleep.

"Buster was my bestfriend & my fur-child who has left me heartbroken.

 I still get tearful now & again even though it's now been many years since losing Buster.

Buster you brought lots of happiness & joy into lots of peoples lives.

The world was a better place  with you in it."


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